Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's "Day" in Pictures

I put "day" in quotations because it started Friday and ended the following Wednesday .

On Friday evening Sarah, Steve, and Ambrey cooked Chicken Marsala for their parents. We had Cheryl and Marion over and just let the kids serve us. What a blast! They had done everything from scratch--the marsala, twisted breadsticks, Olive Garden style salad, linguine (from a box), and banana pudding. Everything was delicious and we loved getting to know Ambrey's folks. I regret not getting pictures of our special occasion, but things were a bit hectic!

So many good memories I have stored up in my mind and heart this year! Here's a montage...


Steve had this vignette ready for his sister and mama on Valentine's morning. How
sweet. (Ben was in New Jersey with his girlfriend, spoiling her.) Joel got the day off
because Feb 14th is his birthday. He put this 1,000 pc Lego battleship station together in
7 and 1/2 hours . I helped him for 45 minutes for starters, to help organize pieces.
The necklace from my kids...
Can you see the image? Mother dancing with her four children. Perfect.

I'll leave out the part where I had a doctor's appointment. Doesn't every woman want to see her
gynecologist on Valentine's Day?

TUESDAY, after we'd all gone to bed...

Steve set the table and prepped the waffle iron and ingredients for the next day's brunch.


He and Ambrey made Belgian waffles, and she gave Joel a gift --a huge Hershey's kiss
and his choice of little gifts . He chose a plastic frog that he says looks like a Democrat.
But then he said, "No, actually, he looks John McCain.Seriously! Look at his mouth!"

We laughed at ourselves for being such fashionistas. I was so stylin' I couldn't be seen
in pictures. Don't wanna make someone jealous. Ask me how to put together a man's white turtleneck brown ankle-length skirt, grey socks, and furry slippers.

Sneaky me, I snapped a shot of Steve & Ambrey warming up for a run.

Flowers for Sarah .We love her so much.

The ring on top was my ultimate, uber romantic gift from my generous husband.

Stunning tulips from my daddy. I'll plant them somewhere special as soon as I can.

Woops--more MONDAY memories!

Found all this at my place on Valentine's morning when I came downstairs.

I made each child a big pancake.

I highly recommend what Paul did: bought a dozen plain red balloons.
We were able to personalize them with a blue Sharpie--Steve to Ambrey, and
me to my folks.

Steve heading out, bearing many gifts for his lovely girl, Ambrey. He put
together a veritable treasure chest of her favorite things: an aquamarine
necklace, a polka-dotted puppy, Swedish fish, Lindor truffles, pink Gerbera
daisies, a Wawa cappuccino, and a card picturing two Golden Retrievers snuggling.
(She has a female Golden and we're getting a male Golden in 2 days!)

Man on a mission. Made my heart sing.

I gave my parents a few little gifts to remind them of when their love was new.
After all, their love is the reason I'm here.

Daddy looking forward to opening the KU loot bag with Mama at home. (She was in bed with
a bad chest cold. He was just getting over it.) The bag itself was a thoughtful gift from
Laurie, my blogging friend in Kansas. I was painfully aware that Laurie and her family were,
on Valentine's Day, at her mom's funeral. My heart was breaking for them.

Daddy gave Sarah a box of chocolates, and both of us got a sweet card. The
boy is being his usual photogenic self. UGH! You can pick out a 9 year-old boy in any picture, can't you?

Pappaw (Lyle Dauber) and Joel Lyle (or as Joel said, "the two Lyles")

I finally got a new 'do at the end of the week.

For so many reasons, this year's Valentine's celebrations made me rejoice. How great the Father's love for us, how vast beyond all measure!

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Amy said...

SO fun! and I love the new pic of you, beautiful!