Saturday, February 12, 2011

Early Valentine Surprise

My honey really spoiled me this year!

On the way out
to run errands
together on Saturday, and to meet my sister's new puppy, Paul said he had a surprise--a trip to Nelson Coleman

We got there and he told me to pick out what I wanted "within reason."

So I did.

But not without some turmoil in my heart.

I kept thinking of all the other ways we could use the money, and how many kids in Africa could be fed with this money, but I felt God say, "Let him bless you." I resisted some more,
torn between guilt of choosing a luxury and yet wanting to affirm my husband's romantic initiative and spot-on thoughtfulness. He has often felt challenged in the romance and gift-giving department. Why spoil it with rejection?

We were engaged 25 years ago last month; this seems a fitting reminder of his proposal and my "yes!" way back when.

At one point in the jewelry store, I got really close to his face, whispering, tears of gratitude welling up in my eyes, "Why are you doing this?" And he said, "It's an investment." I took it both as "financial" and "relational" investment:). But then he added, "And I might not be around much longer." I smacked him playfully and said, "Don't SAY that! Why would you say that, honey? It scares me when you talk like that."

I finally decided it would be best to receive his blessing with joy and gratitude--the response I'd want if I'd given someone a generous gift meant solely for them as a lasting token of my love.

His joy was my joy. My joy, his. To me that is the essence of romance--knowing your mate and doing what makes him/her feel cherished. I love jewelry! I love anticipating a surprise that I've been told is coming. I love being given time to admire the very same kind of jewels that God told Solomon to use to build His temple--and without guilt! God did not say, "You'll glorify Me more if you use cubic zirconias and rhinestones," so I'm thinking He smiles when we enjoy a little of His creation on our fingers!

This ring fits perfectly without any sizing needed, and looks made to go with my 10th anniversary band. I will always treasure it. Not that I need jewelry to feel loved, but I feel loved when I'm given jewelry--and my Paul knows that very well. Mwah!!

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