Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meal Plan

Mostly for my records, but perhaps to inspire anyone in a rut, here's what we've had this week and my plans for the coming one.

Sunday: Brazilian Steak Salad @ Manhattan Grille (to celebrate Ben's new job!)
Monday: Venison chili
Tuesday: Sloppy Zo's, macaroni salad
Weds: Chicken Diane (an Alpha recipe) because, in dealing with dog rescue people this week, there have been 3 different Dianes. ;) One of them came for our home visit and approved us! With the main dish I put a rice-and-peas side dish I created, plus baby spinach & romaine salad w/ pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, cheddar cheese and croutons, w/ balsamic & honey dijon dressing.
Thurs: Lemon Pepper Roughy, asparagus, and Yukon golds
Friday: something Steve & Ambrey want to fix :)
Saturday: steak fajitas
Sunday: ?? Valentine dinner out???
Monday: Beef Burgundy over mashed potatoes and whatever Joel wants for dessert--it's his birthday
Tuesday: Tortellini & Pesto w/ Portabella 'shrooms (S.Steward's recipe)
Weds: Pork tenderloin in crock
Thursday: pizza (first day back at co-op, I'm sure I'll be whooped!)
Friday: Beanies and Weanies (S.Steward's recipe)
Saturday: Joel's Party/ Get Murphy Day --TBD

Boy, it's funny what you notice about yourself when you actually write down your meal plan.
1. We eat a lot of green beans. I need to get more creative w/ the veggies.
2. As the week winds down, so does my "umph" in the head and the kitchen.
3. I think a lot about my kids' likes (which are many) and dislikes (few)-- and who will be here to eat.
4. Nights when we'll be singing/breathing/co-existing with church family, I think harder about What Not to Eat.

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Joyce said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Enjoy your new pup! We are dog lovers here and know how much they add to a family.