Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Back and it's My New Year's Day

No bruises to report. I'm actually in much better spirits than I was. Today is my personal New Year's Day. I didn't settle all my issues, nor did the sky collapse. I'm just in a much more peaceful place than I was in my heart last week.

Having done some praying, thinking, and planning about changes, this upcoming season should be a growing one (or shrinking one, at least physically).

For my New Year I have three main goals that came from wrestling with God. (Truly, it was more like a pleasant retreat.)

1. Spiritually-- to journal again. I got out of this excellent habit little by little, until I got to the place I realized I no longer even wanted to journal what I was hearing from God. And then it seemed He wasn't speaking. Well, you know, wise people know when their audience isn't listening. The solution? They either shout, whisper, or stop talking. This time God whispered, "Write down what I'm saying." So today I began that again.

2. Physically- Get moving! I knew that walking the dog would do double duty. (Well, I do mean duty and not doody. I myself use indoor plumbing, thank you very much. Reilly prefers the camping style.) Anyway, I took him out for 20 agonizing minutes. He is so strong and has no concept of how NOT to pull on a leash. I was ready to call Cesar Milan before I had gotten 30 yards from my front door.

So that's the get-moving part. About the eating: while starting to take better care of my health, I have devoted breakfast, lunch, and snacks today and tomorrow to only fruits, veggies, and legumes. This functions as a mini-fast/"clean-out" phase of my long-term better-eating plan. I want to lose 8 pounds in March. I'm still devising a plan for the long haul.

3. Mentally--to regain what memory I lost through anaesthesia (the ability to recall some common nouns) by not settling for "hoojie-bobs" and "whatchacallits," but to strive until I think of the word. For example, I was remembering "co" but couldn't get "coffee pot" to come out. Or
"pa" but not "pajamas." It was scary. Seriously. Made me wonder if I had early-onset Alzheimer's, and I'm not being funny. It made me wonder what it's like to really have memory loss. This is so frustrating! Simple words just GONE! Thankfully words come more easily when I'm writing. I don't usually say hoojie-bobs when I write.

And I've started memorizing Romans 5. If you're going to sharpen your memory, you might as well sharpen it on scripture, right?

Happy New Year to you. Have you got any new goals, hopes, dreams, or other whatchallits?

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