Saturday, February 05, 2011

We Get Riley!!!

Tonight we got an email from Ozark Homeward Bound (the rescue organization) announcing that they picked our family to get Riley!!!

The email said it was very difficult to decide because they'd had so many people wanting him, and then they narrowed the prospects down to three. I can't tell you how many prayers we prayed, and perhaps some of you reading this were praying on our behalf. If so, thank you so much!

I then wrote a thank you back to the woman, saying we're looking forward to having him as the 7th member of our home, and using him to brighten the lives of many people in need.

In turn, this was her sweet reply:

It was your desire to share him with other people via the therapy dog program that helped us make the decision - all Goldens are special, but there's something unique about Riley. Felt like Solomon there, for a while!

Looks like he'll be here on, or about, February 19th. Can't wait to meet our new boy!