Thursday, November 23, 2006

51 Things I'm Thankful For

I just lost the draft I typed of all 51 things. Here goes again, in no particular order:

I am thankful for...

  1. My heavenly Father

  2. The relationship I have with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  3. His Word, His kindness, mercy, forgiveness, patience, discipline, promises, faithfulness

  4. My eternal life thru salvation by Jesus Christ

  5. Spiritual gifts

  6. Natural talents

  7. My Children --all 4 living plus those in heaven (and maybe one more to come?)

  8. Paul's love, devotion, faithfulness, wisdom, responsibility, humor, etc.

  9. Molly (our Golden Retriever) -- gentleness, devotion, beauty

  10. Trees, leaves, extra long fall season this year

  11. Food

  12. Paul's income

  13. This neighborhood-quiet, safe, friendly, pretty, convenient

  14. Van and car

  15. Friends near and far

  16. My parents--alive, well, enjoying ministry

  17. Appliances

  18. Water

  19. Health

  20. Protection and safety...Paul had no injuries even tho' the Toyota was totaled and the Kia was hit by a hit 'n run driver.

  21. Language and the ability to speak and communicate

  22. Internet

  23. CCC and CDS

  24. Operation Gummi Worms--the kids who express their care for one soldier they don't even know and for the moms who bring them here to make cards for him

  25. Clothes

  26. Shoes

  27. Heat and AC

  28. Laughter

  29. Education

  30. Care group

  31. Mobility...joints that move freely

  32. Phone

  33. Vacation

  34. Skin

  35. Hobbies

  36. Tim Barranco's life

  37. Music

  38. Hair --realizing Diane lost hers to chemo this year makes me ever grateful for mine

  39. Cleaning products

  40. Paint

  41. Mental wellness

  42. Prescription meds

  43. Indoor plumbing

  44. My camera

  45. Teeth

  46. Sarah's desire to finish well in homeschool

  47. Ben's diligence and perseverance at college

  48. Joel's personality,affection, talents

  49. Stephen's passion for God and desire to lead other

  50. Paul's willing and dedication to church and care group, esp w/ his guitar

  51. America. Freedom.

So much more to thank You for, God. I won't let the rocks take my place in praising You! So many blessings. I am just getting started!

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