Sunday, November 26, 2006

How About a Gift Card Wreath?

Perfect for the care group leader, a whole family gift, or as a way to present someone with a "big gift to open" and keep the "package" for years after the gift cards have been spent. One gal has ordered and I'm excited to create this for her.

A Gift Card Wreath will be a 14" wreath of silk flowers and greens, and five gift card holders securely attached to the wreath. (This one isn't finished;it only has two holders so far, but I wanted to post the picture now to give you an idea what I'm talking about.)
Suggested donation: $20. (The more the merrier:)). I would love one of these for myself, actually. Isn't that funny? I can just see some of my favorite place names playing Peek-A-Boo out of their holders. Mine would be: Ritz Camera, JoAnn's, Michael's, Ross, ScrapMasters, and Dunkins. (Love their coffee!) Of course, there's no stopping you from putting cold hard cash in little holders, or a receipt for airline tickets, or notes of offer to babysit, wash the car, bring dinner, or tickets to a show, concert, or game. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Place your order soon.

By the way, yesterday I got a surprise call from a couple, Frank and Mary S, who are reps with GAiN. Frank has been on 27 missions trips with them. I was asking him what sort of little gifties we can take with us to hand to children and adults. He said they take little toys and hair things, cars, balls, just like our kids. The adults are hungry for the Bible. One English-speaking Russian woman in the airport with whom Frank and Mary were speaking said she really wanted an English Bible. Frank inquired around among the GAiN group and no one had a new Bible in their luggage. Mary said, "Frank, give her mine. It's got notes and highlighting, but that's probably okay." Well, this woman was so grateful she began to weep. On the plane they saw her kissing the Bible. Kissing the Bible. How I long to witness this hunger for God's Word among foreigners. Well, I desire it among Americans, too, and am filled with more love for God when I see others so in love with Him also.
Please keep praying that God would open the storehouses of heaven for both Sarah and me to go together on this life-changing trip. We need $6,000. So far we have $245.

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