Friday, November 10, 2006

Let's Make a Friendship Quilt

Can you cut a straight line? Can you measure? Can you sew? Do you love children? Do you have a heart for missions? Would you like to try your hand at making a friendship quilt?

If you answered "yes' to any of the above questions, please read on.

I've been asking the Lord for an idea to bring all my talented and gospel-minded friends (including those I haven't met personally but just in blogworld) together to further His kingdom in a practical way. I think He has spoken.

Sacha is most likely going on a short-term missions trip next summer. Lord willing, Sarah and I are going with her! We are awaiting the green light from Paul. Either way, I'm going to make one or more quilts to take or send through GAiN.

What I'd like to propose is this: A Rainbow-Colored Tic-Tac-Toe Quilt.
It will double as a blanket and toy. I can make small bean bags to toss on to it.

I hope 8 people + me would like to join in. Each person who wants to be part of this friendship circle will be asked to make ONE square. (TTT board has 9 squares.) It'll be either an X or an O on the center of your square. We'll have 9 squares total.

Squares would be due in April. That leaves time for someone (me or someone more talented) to join the squares to sashing (the strips in between the squares), border and backing in plenty of time for our (Lord willing) June trip.

I'll get back with details (background color, X color, O color, dimensions, etc.) This will be a cot quilt, finished size about 44x72 per GAiN's guidelines.

The patchwork picture above was taken with my dime-store digital way back when. OH, my , how thankful I am that thing is history! Thankfully the patchwork became part of a quilt I sent to Warm the World who will take it to Romania.

Who's in? Oh, if you can't sew but want to cut, please speak up!


anne said...

Zoanna, what a great idea! I want in...slight problem. The machine I used to have...gone...and I am perhaps an intermediate sew master at best. I can hand sew ok, but I would like to help pitch in where I let me know!

Zoanna said...

Anne, thanks! I'm excited! This will be so much fun. Got any theme ideas? I really do want this to be a group baby.