Sunday, November 19, 2006

Never-Ending Chocolate Wreath Picture

Here's the Never-Ending Chocolate Wreath
I made for Lauren. It has 49 pieces of
Hershey's chocolate.

I've just finished a similar
one for Jack M. He wants two.
These are fun to put together.
You can eat the mistakes--literally!
In fact, while I was working on this one, Ben says,
"Hey, Mom, got a Snickers for me over there?"
I said, "Gotta wait till I mess up."
At times, being an imperfectionist is a delicious thing.


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy Zo! I can't wait to see Scott's. I am thinking of people I would like to give wreaths to for the holidays. I will talk to mike and see what he thinks. I will let you know if I want any more.

Briana Almengor said...


i just realized I had your wordpress blog still signed up on my bloglines and hadn't made the switch over here. Anyway, i'm straightened out now and wondered how you made this wreath. Very fun idea! Can you give the rest of us instructions?

Joe said...


Zoanna said...

Bri, my motto is "no two alike." I couldn't even find a pattern on the Hershey's site, so I created my own. Something in me wants to make a unique piece every time I sit down to the design table. So I don't have instructions for any specific one. It's basically a covered ring, some candy, and ribbon. Maybe after I've raised funds this season, I'll detail instructions. Right now orders are hopping in.