Thursday, November 16, 2006

Suggested Donations

For those who aren't "crafty" but like handcrafted items, you might be wondering, "What is a fair donation? A generous one?"

Let me see if I can help you. This is not to put pressure on, it's to take pressure off by removing the guesswork. I'm going to tell you what my costs are, on average. I speak for myself based on the cost at which I can get materials and I probably undervalue my labor or else I wouldn't be making a dime.

The wreaths pictured in previous posts cost me about $20 to make, figuring $6.50 an hour for my time. That doesn't include the time involved shopping for materials, driving there and back, finding deals on ebay, setting up or cleaning up. That's just from the time I affix the first element to the time I put the last nail in the metal hook on the back of the wreath.

More custom wreaths involve more design time, more shopping time, and maybe more materials, depending on the design.

So, bottom line. A donation would be anything above $20. A reasonable donation would be higher. And a generous one, get the idea. We appreciate your donation on behalf of the gospel, which is why we're doing this. But my husband wants to make sure I'm making money, not just gifts for other people's relatives! Heehee.

Loving this project. Keep the orders coming. I have had 8 requests in 2 days. Thank you all in advance!

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