Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Only Taking Orders for 14 More Wreaths

As of today, I have taken 14 orders. I can only take 14 more. So don't delay. When you leave a comment, please place your order and give me a gist of the colors and style you prefer. I will use what I have on hand to save costs. After all, this is a fundRAISER:).

For example, you want an elegant wreath in mostly reds. Or you want predominantly green. Or you want a whimsical one with lots of glitter. Or you want purples and blues (Those are limited.)Or you love apples and cinnamon. I'll do my best to make you happy.

Thanks for your generous support.

Zo Z


Kitty Couture said...

Dear Zo, I hope your fundraiser is a great success! I'm picturing you in a flurry of activity and bits and bobs flying around. Is there any other way to be creative?
Had a great time looking at your gorgeous wreaths and all your material! That folksy angel is such a darling.

I bet Joel is enjoying every minute of it too! ;)

Love from a new Auntie - I'm back in Paris (and online) and missing my sister and nephew terribly already.

Zoanna said...

Isabelle, you hit the mark precisely. My basement would be more of a zany zone except I share it with neat knicks, namely the men of the house. Their cave has been invaded by flowers, pinecones, and darling white angels! But they like the results. I try to put things away after each creative session.

Your nephew, I can't get over his sheer beauty. He reminds me of my own babies who , in my opinion (and others who weren't quite so biased), were quintessential in newborn good looks. I wish I could afford to send you a wreath, my friend. I'd spruce it up (no pun intended) with a darling angel and a touch of blue just for you.

granniepat said...

Joanna you are so creative, beautiful wreaths. Have a grerat blessed Christmas

Kitty Couture said...

Dearest Zo, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hope you're having a wonderful day :)

Thank you for your precious reply - only just realized you'd replied me here...
Just the thoughtfulness of wanting to create a wreath with an angel and "a touch of blue" is a gift in itself... Thank you for that.

You're gonna laugh, but this week's teaching has been devoted to Wordsworth, and every time I read "wreathes" ("The periwinkle trailed its wreathes"), I cannot help thinking of you and your beautiful wreathes! Isn't that a beautiful word, too? It's a lovely soft pensive word, don't you think?

((((Hugs)))) from Auntie Isabelle - you're right, I'm still not recovered from how beautiful Robin is. I miss him so much.
Give a big kiss to Joel for me, too - his idea of making Robin's picture your desktop wallpaper was so adorable!